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Handspun and Finished Objects!

Whether your handspun is displayed in a bowl, on the wall or has been knitted, woven, or crocheted into a hat, sweater, purse, rug, wine holder, we would love to see!

Open to everyone, we will just keep adding to the gallery. Scroll down for the newest images. Submit your pictures anytime.

  yarn   yarn FO/                              
    Michael Cook/Wormspit
  The silk on the spools (left) was used to tablet-weave an award ribbon for a friend of mine. The blue, white, black, and gold are 40d4x2 organzine; the greens and browns are 40d8 no-twist tram for brocading. The finished ribbon is about 5/8" across, woven at approximately 300 threads per inch. (closeup far right)                                
    yarn   FO/                                
    Melissa Bishop/Baggywrinkle  

Filigree Leaf Shawl
Fiber from Persimmon Tree Farm; Mohair, Silk and Alpaca
Pattern: Body was adapted from a Herbert Niebling lace tablecloth pattern to row 80.
Edging is from Gathering of Lace.

    handspun yarn   FO/                                
    Jenny Turco/Bee’s Knees Knitting   Scarf and Yarn description: thick, soft and nubbly scarf, hand knit from handspun yarn. The yarn consists of two plies of handspun wool (various breeds), mohair, alpaca, tussah silk, bombyx silk, and glittering angelina, with sections of tiny spun corkscrews, ecru eyelash yarn, glittery eyelash yarn, and glitzy mohair yarn spun in.                                
    handspun yarn   FO/                                

The handspun yarn was made and knit by Rachel Marie, KnittyDirtyGirl.

    handspun yarn   FO/                                
    Caroline Foty   This is a hank of 2 ply handspun bluefaced leicester dyed
by Lisa Souza. Along with it is a sweater knitted from
the yarn, a pattern called 'Cutaway' by Bonne Marie Burns at Chicknits.
    handspun yarn   FO/                                
    Kristi Schueler   This was a lace and bead "warmlet," a cross between a wrist warmer and a cuff bracelet. The inset is the button closure I made from matching beads. This was designed to use up a small skein that was made from some fiber given for sampling in a spinning class. It is merino/tussah from Ashland Bay.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished objects gallery/                                
    Holly Braddock   The handspun yarn was made and knit by Hollyeqq.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/FOrward/                                
    Abby Franquemont   50/50 cashmere/tussah silk, hand-blended with drum carder, wheelspun, handpainted with acid dyes, knit.                                
    handspun yarn/   FO/                                
    Grace/Santa Cruz Handspun                                    
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Cheryl Goyer   2-ply yarn is made from an Ashland Bay roving called Rose Quartz and mohair locks bought locally in Oregon.
Fingerless mitts by Ann Budd from Weekend Knitting.
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Linda Scharf/Stoneleafmoon                                    
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Britta Cruz/Dreamland Art   Spun by Britta Cruz. Worked into a scarf, designed and knitted by Karen Clements from Knit1 Chicago.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    JennyNeutronStar   "Dotty" yarn, crocheted into "Dotty" clutch.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Glenna Chumbley/
Charkha Fiber Book
  Socks. The yarn is a 2-ply white wool with colorful silk bits spun on a Bosworth mini drop spindle. The set is 22wpi.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Abby/Feral Feminine Snow Queen fingerless gloves, spun from wool/mohair/nylon sparkle blend yarn dyed in (very) pale blues & greys.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Tamara/Spincerely Yours   The yarn is a 70/30 merino tencel blend and the pattern is "Fetching" from Knitty                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Stephanie Nericcio/Stitch Ewe Yarns   I hand spun the red yarn from ingeo and garland. I also spun the green yarn out of wool, ribbon and tinsel. I knit them together with bells and buttons to create the "Tinsel Bell Rock" Scarf for my girl. She was the hit of holiday.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Melissa Halvorson/Year of the Goat   It is spun from my natural black angora goat's first clip with cocoons of silver mohair from her sister. The resulting scarf is a simple yarn over, k2 tog pattern.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Tereza Havrdova   Knitted "Lucy" cap from hand dyed and hand spun
merino yarn
    handspun yarn/   finished objet/                                
    Cyndy/River Rim   This yarn was spun by me. It is a blend of alpaca and finnsheep. I knit the hat and booties.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Sandra/Minty Dee   This is the first yarn that I hand dyed and hand spun myself. It is BFL Kool-aid dyed 2 ply. I knit it into a cute little top for my daughter.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Sue Brady/Snailspirals   This is some Corriedale yarn I spun and knit into a gansey for my daughter. The yarn is three-ply, worsted spun, about 12 wraps per inch. The sweater is an original design using traditional gansey construction and design elements.                                
    finished object/   handspun yarn/                                
    Elodie Dommanget/Filofee   Bag knit by Elodie from yarn by Barbe Saint John/
Saints & Sinners.
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Elizabeth O'Donnell/Yarn Punk   "Hot Chick", handspun by Elizabeth O'Donnell
knitted by Heather Dixon
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Flore Kedemos/Tricotin   Couronne in French, (wreath). We hang it to our
doors for Xmas.
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Woody   The handwarmer was knitted from my own spindle-spun from a pattern in Lee Raven's book "Spin It". It is the first thing I've ever knitted from my own handspun.                                
    handspun yarn/   I wanted to create something that I would use with a small amount of rough wool. I knitted as much as I had into a small rectangle, used two wooden knitting needles to straighten the top and bottom, and hung it on the wall. As I create more yarn, I tie a small sample loop of the yarn to my wall hanging to track my progress.handspun yarn/                                
    Kristin LeMoine                                    
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Symeon North/PippiKneesocks
  From PippiKneesocks free pattern                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Adrian Bizilia/HelloYarn                                    
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Cayli Harris/Spin a Yarn for Ewe   This is superwash merino spun at about 15 WPI/2ply that I used for a hat for my brother. I dyed the roving in the oven in fuchsia and green then over dyed it with blues in a kettle.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Amy Shimel   Lady Eleanor shawl made by Amy                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Amelia Garripoli/The Bellwether   The yarn is handspun by Laura Murphy of Wildethyme. "Wowl" - the owl - is handknit by Amelia. It's based on a pattern in Naughty Needles.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Aprill Newman/Lulubeans                                    
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Lorene/Mamalojo   This is the original yarn(at left)...reggae hand dyed, handspun with a drop spindle...and the finished knit hat.                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Nicole   Nicole dyed,spun & knit the the socks. (wool/mohair)                                
    HANDSPUN yarn/   finished object from handspun yarn/                                
This is Bluefaced Leicester yarn dyed with golds, oranges and lemons. I just love this wool, it has such a beautiful sheen.
  My friend Whinnie has knitted it into
this beautiful scarf - we're going to attach beads to it.
    handspun yarn/   finished object from handspun/                                
    Faun Donald/Red Button Tree   Dyed, spun and knit by me                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object from handspun yarn/                                
    Veronika von Allmen/Snowberry & Lime   Knitted from my own hand dyed and handspun yarn (by Veronika)                                
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
    Lado   Handpainted handspun merino roving and angora goat locks                                
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Marie-Christine Gosse
I am a French textile artist and a new drop spindle spinner. This yarn is all my work from the fleece : washed, carded, handspun with the drop spindle, plyed with an iridescent commercial yarn. And this is what I have done with it in bobbin lace techniques.
    handspun yarn/   finished object/                                
    Rineke Brouwer
My first skein and the knucks I made from it.
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
I spun and knit the scarf I call Scraps, a compilation of leftover yarn from other spinners (including Insubordiknit and Material Whirled) that I can't stand to throw away. It's currently draped around the neck of a very tall redhead living in Seattle.
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                

Becky Cook/Ann Arbor, MI
I blended extra superfine Merino, cashmere and angora into batts which I then spun. The mitts were based on the Fiber Trends pattern "Easy Mittens." They're incredibly soft. They don't exactly match but I'm a fairly new knitter so I'm still pretty proud of them. They were my mom's Christmas present this year.

    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
    Jennifer Schermerhorn/Whirled Yarn

Yarn/All That Glitters...
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
    Here is a crazy little art yarn I turned into a crystal pouch for my son's birthday.                                
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
The yarn is my first attempt in art yarning. It's mostly white alpaca, twined with handspun red merino yarn, some red bobbles, a torn red T-shirt and black transparent fabric with glittering flowers - all in just one yarn - and scarf.
    handspun yarn/   handspun yarn/                                
    Tracy Hudson
Flower fossil yarn and scarf, spun, designed and knit by Tracy Hudson. More photos (might not be viewable to everyone.)
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